Deep Dive: Kubernetes IoT Edge WG

Introducing KubeEdge


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  • An opensource project contributed / started by Huawei.
  • KubeEdge allows customers (devOps, SRE etc.) to manage edge nodes, deploy / orchestrate / monitor apps etc. the same way as in the cloud.

  • KubeEdge contains components running at cloud and edge. Currently the edge part is opensourced and cloud will be very soon Both, edge and cloud parts are now opensourced.

KubeEdge Architecture


KubeEdge supports

  • Multi-tenancy, large scale of distributed edge nodes/applications.
  • Lightweight agent, container native.
  • Duplex/multiplex cloud/edge network connection.
  • Device twin, mqtt/http device & edge connection.
  • Edge side autonomy.

KubeEdge Roadmap

Release 1.0

  • K8s Application deployment through kubectl from Cloud to Edge node(s)
  • K8s configmap, secret deployment through kubectl from Cloud to Edge node(s) and their applications in Pod
  • Bi-directional and multiplex network communication between Cloud and edge nodes
  • K8s Pod and Node status querying with kubectl at Cloud with data collected/reported from Edge
  • Edge node autonomy when its getting offline and recover post reconnection to Cloud
  • Device twin and MQTT protocol for IOT devices talking to Edge node

KubeEdge Roadmap

Release 2.0 and Future

  • Build service mesh with KubeEdge and Istio
  • Enable function as a service at Edge
  • Support more types of device protocols to Edge node such as AMQP, BlueTooth, ZigBee, etc.
  • Evaluate and enable super large scale of Edge clusters with thousands of Edge nodes and millions of devices
  • Enable intelligent scheduling of apps. to large scale of Edge nodes etc.