Getting Started

KubeEdge is an open source system for extending native containerized application orchestration capabilities to hosts at Edge.

In this quick-start guide, we will explain:

  • How to ask questions, build and contribute to KubeEdge.
  • A few common ways of deploying KubeEdge.
  • Links for further reading.


For cloud side, we need:

For edge side, we need:

Get KubeEdge!

You can find the latest KubeEdge release here.

During release, we build tarballs for major platforms and release docker images in kubeedge dockerhub.

Deploying KubeEdge

Check setup docs.


Contributions are very welcome! See our for more information.


KubeEdge is an open source project and we value and welcome new contributors and members of the community. Here are ways to get in touch with the community: