KubeEdge Contribution Competition

Win a conference ticket to KubeCon + CloudNativeCon & Open Source Summit, Shanghai, China 2019.

KubeEdge Contribution Competition

Win a conference ticket to KubeCon + CloudNativeCon & Open Source Summit, Shanghai, China 2019.

KubeEdge is a CNCF Sandbox project that extends K8s from Cloud to Edge. We would like to invite you to join us in furthering this project and making it useable for everyone. To make this contribution effort more fun, we’re proposing a contribution competition. See below for details. May the best contributor win!

Contribute to KubeEdge and Win a ticket to **[KubeCon + CloudNativeCon & Open Source Summit, Shanghai, China 2019.](https://www.lfasiallc.com/events/kubecon-cloudnativecon-china-2019/)**

That’s right, contribute and win! Contribution is not limited to code contribution only; it can also include documentation, blogging, testing/issue identification, requirement identification and others. See details below

How to participate ?

  1. Raise pull request (PR) either for feature development / test code development (may be unit test code, edge module test code or end to end test code) in repos kubeedge / beehive / viaduct / website.
  2. Identify defects, raise issues in respective repos kubeedge / beehive / viaduct / website.
  3. Resolving existing issues in repos kubeedge / beehive / viaduct / website.
  4. Share requirements by creating issues in repo kubeedge.
  5. Writing blogs about KubeEdge either in the KubeEdge website (on PR approved & merged, this gets published in kubeedge.io website blog) or in other technical blogging site. Please refer here to know how to write a KubeEdge blog. Submit your blog details here.
  6. Create your own sample applications and demo examples to illustrate possible use case(s) of using KubeEdge in repo examples.

Who can participate ?

Anyone is welcome!

How the winners are selected ?

Contribution can be made in the following various ways. Please see below for contribution requirements and how we select winners.

  • Code contribution: Any code contribution should follow the contribution flow to get accepted. We will review the code submitted along with PR(s) for feature / test case development or issue fix.

  • Issue identification: we will check the severity of issue and the quality of description that reproduces the identified issue with sufficient details.

  • Requirement identification: we will check the quality of the requirement description, the uniqueness and the value of the identified requirement in comparison to the other Edge Computing platforms in the industry.

  • KubeEdge project promotion: For any blog/wechat messages/twitter tweets/white papers/articles written about KubeEdge, we will review the content & popularity of the content.

  • Example contribution: For any example created, we will review the code and the documentation of the steps & user guide.

Any contribution is greatly appreciated and 3 winners will be selected!


Competition starts: **23rd April 2019 00:00 (UTC)** Competition ends: **22nd May 2019 23:59 (UTC)**

How the winners are notified ?

We will make the winner announcement blog on **23rd May 2019 00:00 (UTC)** via e-mail, slack, wechat, twitter.

Winners’ Github ID will be published in this section. Winners will receive an e-mail that is associated with his/her Github ID. Any question, please contact us via:


KubeEdge community Code of Conduct

KubeEdge follows the CNCF Code of conduct.


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